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Workshop “Chucula”



all the necessary material

snacks and drinks

chucula drink at the end

chucula made in a souvenir box to take home

photo's to remember the event

professional guidance


30% discount if you register and confirm at least 1,5 weeks before a workshop.

15% discount if you register and confirm at least 1 week before a workshop.

Student discounts available, contact us.

Persons in poverty are entitled to a free spot if available, contact us.
*Discounts are not cumulative.

44€ (30,80 € with 30% discount/37,40 € with 15% discount)

These prices are partially covered by PARCE, i.e. for a group of 5 people we would be subsidizing an amount of 20 eur per person. The more people, the lower our costs, so bring friends for more discounts. 

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Please note that all prices mentioned above are partially covered by PARCE as part of our social commitment. For companies, the complete fee per person (64 EUR) will be applicable. If you represent a company, kindly get in touch with us for further details.

Making ancestral “chucula”

Chucula is an ancestral cacao beverage, but it is more than that; it is a tradition passed down from generation to generation since precolonial times in Latin America. It is a collective action with meditative and stimulating moments, due to the different aromas and movements that each person performs. It is a moment of reflection and a recipe.

By participating in this workshop or guided performance, you will embark on a timeless journey following ancient steps that people have repeated for over 3,000 years (that is, since before 1000 B.C.). More than a culinary workshop, the preparation of the ancestral cacao beverage involves participating in a ritual that connects us to a millennia-old tradition. This tradition is an ancestral heritage of various cultures and tribes, from Mexico to Peru, and in Colombia, it has been mainly preserved in the central region thanks to the legacy of the Muisca people.* For communities, this tradition holds profound meaning, serving as a communal gathering place where families come together to participate in a shared ritual, creating knowledge through their actions and discussions.

We follow the original recipe as closely as possible, but we also incorporate unique details based on the family heritage of the artist Laura Peña (MOTH). Each step involves a sensory journey with new aromas, additional knowledge, and a meditative experience.

We use raw, unpeeled cacao beans, which means the beverage is made from 100% cacao and different from the chocolate drinks you find in the supermarket. We combine these beans with other traditional ingredients such as peanuts, panela (sugar cane paste), cloves, cinnamon, and toasted corn flour to create balls that are mixed with milk or water. This is how we prepare the delicious traditional cacao beverage.
As a participant, you will play an active role in each stage of the process, bringing the history of this ritual to life and contributing to the creation of shared experiences and collective knowledge.

Special edition of Chucula in collaboration with Amal and Kunsthal Gent.

A special edition of Chucula in collaboration with Amal and Kunsthal Gent (only for women) took place on November 30, 2023, as part of the Bar Univers'elle meetings organized by PARCE in collaboration with Amal Gent.


Participants learned to make 'Chucula', a recipe that is more than 3,000 years old. It is a communal activity and an "ancestral" practice. It was a collective action with meditative and stimulating moments, because of the different aromas and movements that each person performed.


Special thanks to Amal and Kunsthal! Photo credits: Sahar Khosravi.


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