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PARCE (meaning “Friend” in Colombian slang) is an initiative for collaboration: providing workplaces for artists, organizing residencies, art projects and exhibitions, talks and any other art related events, in the broadest sense of the word. The primary focus is on Latin-American art, mostly from Colombia. However, we receive artists from all over the world. Our activities encompass:

  • Residencies

  • Exhibitions Learn more

  • Workshops Learn more

  • For purposes of your Proposal and planning your final exhibition, you can consult plans of our exhibition space here.


The PARCE Art Initiative Residency provides an exceptional combination of great accommodation in the historic city of Ghent; time and space for research, experimentation, production and professional advancement; and possibility of exhibiting in Parce Art Gallery – a contemporary art gallery based in Ghent.  We invite emerging, mid-career and established practitioners from any art-related discipline, as well as writers, fashion designers and researchers in these fields.

If you are looking for a six-week period (we offer 6 weeks residency periods, which comprise of a 4 week working period and 2 weeks of exhibition of the works) to fully focus on your artistic projects, at the same time having a real exposure to the art world through a well-organized final exhibition in the historic and cultural city (applying for European Capital of Culture 2030) as well as an opportunity for practical realization of your work, this is the perfect residency for you!


Residents are encouraged to participate in PARCE Art Initiative activities and connect with the local art scene. The residency includes the possibility to host a themed workshop in line with the artist’s work and or organizing an art talk. We can also help to organize local gallery and museum tours, day trips to Brussels or other Belgian cities, the coast/natural, etcetera, depending on the wishes and budget of the artist.



A 4 week working period + 1 week exhibition showing the works is the minimum duration for the residency. A second week of exhibition is optional.

Accommodation/work studio: €242 per week. This is a reduced rate subsidized by us (50% less than the regular price)

Cost breakdown 4 week working period + 1 week exhibition: 

5 weeks x €242 = €1210 EUR

Cost breakdown including optional second exhibition week: 

€1210 + €242 = €1452

All prices are VAT incl. 

Please find a detailed description below of what is included and what is not included. Some activities e.g. dinners, organizing local gallery and museum tours, day trips to Brussels or other Belgian cities, the coast/nature reserves, etcetera, can be organized against a variable fee depending on the wishes and budget of the artist.

Once the decision has been communicated to the winner of the open call, there is a period up to 3 weeks to book the spot by paying half of the bill. 



• Private room/studio (around 10m2) in a comfortable  house with shared living room and kitchen and bathroom with toilet. All utilities expenses are covered by the residency fee. Wi-fi is available as part of the accommodation. Оne staff member will always be available and easy to reach via mobile phone for daily needs. The house is shared by the artist in residency and maximum four other persons (of which some from our organization).

• Free pick up included at Brussels Zaventem or Brussels Charleroi airports or at a train station in the Flemish region (if available, arrival date and hour have to be agreed in advance, to check if a driver is available).

• Welcome dinner 

• Exhibition at PARCE Art Gallery with your works.

• Suggestions, full practical help and tips for everything related to your stay and work, travelling and exploration of the area.

*Participation in our events (workshops, etc.) during the residency period.

• Themed workshop in line with the artist’s work or an art talk during the exhibition.

• Plenty of optional side activities (additional fees apply, which are covered by the artist) – from experiencing local habits and traditions to museum/gallery visits and day trips to Belgian cities or nature reserves.

Not included

• All travelling expenses (except for the ones pointed out in the above section).

• Health insurance and travel insurance. Please note that health insurance is mandatory in order to participate and that other travel insurance (of your belongings, personal liability, etc.) is highly recommended.

• Food expenses (there are many restaurants in the city as well as many supermarkets. The house kitchen is fully equipped and great for cooking).

• All expenses for working materials and supplies – paints, brushes, etc. (While in Ghent we will show you art shops, so that you can get any supplies you need, although we also strongly recommend to bring your own materials). We have a limited amount of tools available which the artist can borrow.

• Expenses for the shipping of the works back to your home place.

• Tourism and other related fees (but we can help organize activities against a fee). In this regard, variable fees are applicable to organizing activities tailored to the artists, e.g. dinners, organizing local gallery and museum tours, day trips to Brussels or other Belgian cities, the coast/nature reserves, etcetera, which can be discussed depending on the wishes and budget of the artist.


In addition to the basic fees, in advance, we request a deposit of €50. The deposit, minus any possible costs for repairs or excessive cleaning, shall be returned within two weeks after the residency is completed. In case of cancellations, you forfeit your place in the programme and the deposit will not be returned.

The artist-in-residence remains liable for any damages above the deposit of €50, which will have to be refunded/repaired when the damage occurs, in agreement with PARCE.

Grants and stipends

Preceding the residency we provide a letter of invitation upon request in case residents need it to apply for funding. PARCE Art Initiative is not a grantmaking organisation. Furthermore, we can give advice on searching funds and visa related matters but we do not participate on such procedures, this remains the responsibility of the artist.

How to apply?

• Please fill out the application form below and attach your CV and Proposal.

The Proposal should include a brief description of the work plan, images and sketches and a chronogram indicating how the artists plans to work per week. The proposal should also have a list of materials needed. As mentioned, the costs for materials are the responsibility of the artist. Artist are encouraged to bring the working materials they need, but we can help to indicate local stores for artists supplies, groceries and other materials. We also have a limited amount of tools available which the artist can borrow.

We give priority to projects which clearly visualize the intended outcome, for example projects for which the artists has already created a work or part of it to finish at the residency. Of course the project can change but considering that one month is a short period, the idea is to assure that results can be achieved for the exhibition in the end.



MAY/JUNE 2024*

*4 week word period: 13 May - 9 June 2024

1 or 2 week exhibition: between 10-23 June 2024


Application deadline: 20 November 2023

 Winner announced November-December 2023

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