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April 2019


(Time Contingencies)

Location: Drongenhofkapel Drongenhof 15, 9000 Gent

5-22 April 2019

The exhibition inquires on different ways of approaching to the concept of time. This is a concept that revolves on other notions, such as death, ruin, change, memory, amongst others. A photograph with fungus, an old found object, an old document and a fragment of an old building are examples of matter that transforms its essence to become materials to work with as through the lens of the artist, they retain traces of the passage of time, giving her/him the opportunity to play with such concept. In this exhibition, artists from Colombia, Belgium and the U.K. show several ways on the notion itself and how matter can be related to it.

Many of the works are about architecture: questioning what is a ruin, what it means to build and how architecture changes over time. Other works revolve around old objects and their matter itself. What makes an object to be considered old? What changes in the matter makes us believe that time is passing?  Finally, somehow the works relate to the consciousness of one’s  own temporarity, which implies consciousness of time.