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The Tikkertje Project

TIKKERTJE was initiated as the "La Mancha" project in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It

was founded by La Paternal Espacio Proyecto (LPEP) and the artist Luis Mellizo. It continues there, while the project was started up in Ghent as TIKKERTJE.


The TIKKERTJE project takes place on PARCE’s "moving wall". An artist performs his work on the wall, after which he appoints another artist to do the same and so forth.PARCE has no curators and this project reinforces the idea since PARCE has - with the exception of a few rules (e.g. not destroying the structure of the wall) - no influence over which artists will participate in the project and what they will do on the wall. So really, following the rules of the project, anyone could be displaying her/his works here. The only interference of PARCE is by assisting the artists in obtaining funds in order to make the travel if needed. So far, two artists have participated.

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