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Bread and Work


An artwork by Hernández Mellizo that reflects on art and work as an indivisible link.. food, work art.. these instruments form a surface or platform of intervention.


The artist starts from objects and images that historically have been associated with the concept of work, such as money, agricultural products, tools of traditional crafts and political symbols, and adds a new meaning, fundamentally visual, through which he questions the definitions of art, production, value, originality and legitimacy. In this way, he establishes a series of contrasts between the original pieces and the interventions that reveal their non-capitalizable character and speak of work as an action that is transformed.



This exercise shows that both the value and the meaning of the objects linked to the notion of work are given by associations and precise meanings and that these can be annulled by means of formal alterations. This is how the function, scope and relevance of the work as a concept are restated, while proposing a reinterpretation of it, containing the warning that its meaning is much wider than that of the social construction in which it is framed.

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