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PARCE depends on friends (“PARCEROS”) and contributions. It’s a space of collaboration and works of friends. Therefore, our continuity depends on how well our projects develop and on the recourses we can find or collect to support what we are doing: in general or for a specific project. We thankfully receive donations, in general or for a specific project.


Donations can be made on our crowdfunding page. Payment is possible by creditcard (VISA and Mastercard), Bancontact and IDEAL.

All donors will receive detailed information on how their donation was spent. We publish a detailed budget on our webpage. 


If you add your name and address to your donation, we will send a thank you for your gift. Additionally, donors become automatically VIP-members of PARCE (including a fixed discount on art pieces and design, additional special discounts and benefits)

Please note that it is also possible to fund only individual artists. Contact us here and we will be happy to send you a catalogue with artists that depend on funding to participate (for example to travel) in our projects.


We are an initiative of artists for artists and we happily receive any help, idea or contribution, beyond the scope of monetary donations. Feel free to contact us at any time with your proposal or suggestion!




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