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PARCE (meaning “Friend” in Colombian slang) is an initiative for collaboration: providing workplaces for artists, organizing residencies, art projects and exhibitions, talks and any other art related events, in the broadest sense of the word. It is basically, making friends and if possible doing projects with those friends

It began in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It started similar to a gallery until we learned ways to be more of an artist initiative. Collaboration was always present, we had an exhibition in Me hotel Cabo San Lucas, were we made more friends!.

We had one fixed gallery space in Los Cabos and also organized a temporal exhibition at the ME Hotel Cabo, with Colombian artists and local artists. The exhibition revolved around the theme of "Love"


Opening: July 29 2016, 7:30 p.m.

Dates: July 29-31 2016


Maite Ibarreche


Laura Urrea

Lucano Matta

Cynthia Navarro

Natalia Azuero

Luis Hernandez Mellizo

Jose Maria Canovas

Marcela Varela (COL)


Valentina Ruiz


Luis Juen

Jeannette Castro

Alejandro Smiriglio

Laura Peña

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